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The rules imposed on caregivers by insurance providers interfere with patient care and are not in patients’ best interest. These rules make it very difficult for patients to make fully informed decisions about their treatment options and they limit patients’ options for referral to other health care providers.

Since I have not signed any contracts with insurance providers, I am free to discuss and use a wide variety of therapies to expedite your recovery, to suggest referrals when necessary, and to spend the time necessary for your care.


Treatment Frequency

The optimal treatment frequency to meet your physical needs depends on factors such as: your health history, daily activities, injuries, etc


Most people in active pain who come see me will feel better in 1-6 office visits. Patients spend more time with me per appointment session (approximately 30 minutes - 60 minutes) than is currently usual. This allows time to listen, observe, evaluate, therapy and rehabilitation (as needed) to expedite patients’ recovery. In the long run, most patients will see me for fewer visits in total than is typical, which saves them time and money.


I don’t insist on preventive care or maintenance schedules. I think each person has a health care philosophy that guides his or her choices. My ultimate goal is to help you feel better as quickly as possible and continued care is your decision.  

Once able, patients can graduate to my small group Allaire Back Fitness classes 


Financial Matters

Typical first office visit is approximately an hour, subsequent visits are between approximately 30 minutes to 60+ minutes.  

After initial history and evaluation, treatment may include:

Rehabilitation exercises, movement education, manual therapies (any combination of joint manipulation, mobilization, soft tissue therapies (cross friction, myofascial release, trigger point therapy), physiotherapeutic motion (rhythmic stabilization, PNF, etc), and self care instructions. 

$95.00-$200.00 (approx. 30 minutes - 60 minutes) depending on complexity and time.

  • Private In-home Rehab $200.00 (+ travel time fees)



Full payment by check, cash, or credit card  is due upon completion of each visit. I will provide you with a superbill. This bill can be sent to your insurance company, and if your policy covers care,  your insurance company will send reimbursement directly to you. You can also use your flexible spending or health savings account.  


  • If you belong to a PPO, your insurance will, most likely, pay a portion of your bill. In most cases, they will pay 65-70% of your bill

  • If you belong to an HMO, your insurance company will, most likely, NOT pay for treatment with anyone outside of their plan.


Personal Injury

My focus is patient care.  I do not have the infrastructure to deal with intensive administrative work.  I only take personal injury cases when current patient is involved.   Car accidents are covered by your automobile insurance, provided that you have medical payment coverage. I do not take liens.


Missed Appointment or Late Cancellation:

Missed Appointment/Cancellation Fee

Please give me 24 hours of notice if you are unable to keep an appointment. This allows others to use your time and you will avoid a missed appointment fee.   Insurance companies do not reimburse this fee.


Special Imaging

I do not take X-rays or other imaging exams in this office. Should you need them, I will refer you to the most convenient location.

The imaging facilities have their own billing policies.

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