Lisa Allaire, D.C. brings energy, experience, intelligence, and fun into her presentations. Her presentations are highly effective and well received. She's always welcome back to Emeritus Forum.
Dr. Robert Jones & Arlene Castro
Emeritus Forum Speaker Coordinators

Workshop Descriptions

  1. Allaire Back Fitness Workshop
  2. Back pain and disability can be prevented and, with the right plan, can be reversed. The development of healthy body mechanics through specific exercise progressions, improvement of the relationship between joints and muscles, and proper ergonomics, helps most people achieve back health and fitness without surgery or pharmaceuticals. These changes will improve ease of movement, resilience, and quality of life. This workshop describes the multi-factorial nature of back pain and disability and why it requires a multi-factorial solution. By taking quizzes and examining lifestyles, participants will pinpoint obvious (trauma, degeneration, etc.) and not-so-obvious (dysfunctional joint/muscles relationships, stress, poor reflex synchronization, etc.) causes for back pain and disability. We will discuss the pros and cons of various therapies. You will discover a path to robust back health. Be ready to workout!

  3. Simple Tools for Pain Relief
  4. Create healthful physical change by learning and practicing effective pain relief techniques. We will discuss the neurology of pain and self-care methods for pain management.

  5. Allaire Back Fitness Masterclass
  6. This exercise class is designed to train common areas of back dysfunction through functional and sensorimotor improvement. We train various parameters of fitness including strength, flexibility, and stability. We use many tools to achieve these goals: stability balls, foam rollers, mats. All major muscle groups are trained, although posture and core are the primary focus of the class. Experience a more powerful and fit you!

    Beginner and intermediate/advanced level classes are available. (This is a very popular class.)

  7. How to Care for Sprains/Strains
  8. Many sprains/strains are improperly rehabilitated. An excellent rehabilitation protocol will decrease your chance of re-injury and improve the strength, flexibility, and stability of the injured area. This workshop describes the most effective protocol for sprain/strain rehabilitation.

  9. Arthritis Home Care
  10. Joint degeneration can be prevented or delayed with simple movement therapy. This workshop will lead you through a series of exercises that address common sites of arthritis.

  11. Workstation Back Relief
  12. Is your workstation causing you pain? There are simple exercises that can counter the effects of sitting at a computer for hours at a time. Learn and immediately practice them at work. You will notice a significant change in your daily life.

  13. New Moms and Back Health
  14. New Moms experience tremendous physical change. Unaccustomed activities such as; carrying and feeding an infant, lack of sleep, and ligamentous changes can create significant discomfort. Learn techniques that will help you.

  15. Restorative Movement
  16. Restorative mindful motion and integrated breath can tell you much about ingrained body patterns. This class is the perfect complement to hectic lifestyles, power workouts, and the inherent imbalance of daily repetitive movement. Specific motion patterns will be performed at a slow pace with attention to pain, restricted range of motion, and instability.Your ability to notice and change dysfunctional patterns will increase as you develop greater body awareness.

  17. Back Smart Gardening
  18. Learn practical tips for pain-free gardening. Ergonomics, work flow design, props, and the components of a productive break will be covered. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or full time gardener, you’ll leave this class with a better understanding of back pain, how it relates to gardening, and self-care methods to prevent it.This class is based on modern biomechanics and rehabilitation information

  19. Anatomy & Motion
  20. Are you interested in the nuts and bolts of the body? How joints and muscles work together? The class format will blend hands-on practical information with lecture. This class will cover structure and function, what happens when it goes awry, and methods to get your musculoskeletal system back on track.

  21. Q & A Forum
  22. Get ready to participate in an interesting and lively environment. Please join our Q & A forum. Bring questions related to health care, back pain, joint pain, headaches, different types of therapies, fitness, weight loss, etc. We will also discuss various joints, how they work, their structure, the difference between a functional and dysfunctional joint, the top 2 conditions that negatively affect the joint, and methods for either treatment or prevention.

Developed and taught by Lisa Allaire, D.C.,
owner of Allaire Chiropractic & Rehabilitation.