Group Training:
Tuesdays: 5:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M.
Peninsula Ballet Theatre
1880 S. Grant Street
San Mateo, Ca.
Donation-Based Class
($18 suggested fee)

Please bring a mat. I will provide physioballs.

Optional and fun equipment:

Foam Rollers: A full round 6 X 36 and 2 of the 6 X 12 half rounds. We do all kinds of fun training with them, but you don't have to have them to get a great workout. You can get these online.
Allaire Back Fitness
Call for information

Semi-Private Training

This class provides exercise therapy based on modern biomechanics and rehabilitation information in a small group setting. It is designed for anyone who has suffered from back pain or wishes to prevent it. You will develop greater body awareness, improve your movement patterns, strength, flexibility, and stability. Aside from addressing the dysfunctional patterns that translate to back pain.You will learn effective relief positions and flare-up techniques. Exercise difficulty increases as the class gets stronger. Modifications for all exercises are given as needed. If you're a newcomer, you may initially require a more personalized program. If this is the case, a private session with me is strongly recommended.

Post-Pregnancy Exercise Class

New Moms experience intense physical change. Unaccustomed activities such as carrying and feeding an infant, lack of sleep, and ligamentous changes can create significant discomfort. Learn techniques that will help you through this transitional period. Exercises are specifically designed for new moms and their needs. This class will accelerate your return to fitness!

Private Training:

This program is short-term. In most cases, we will meet for an initial series of 1-3 sessions for program set-up and technique training, with a follow up session every 6-12 weeks for program design changes, technique check-up, and goal definition. My aim is to teach you how to work out and take care of your fitness. We can work any aspect of the physical spectrum from rehabilitation to general conditioning to sports specific training. The workout routine will emphasize core stability, postural strength, and exercises that will apply directly to your activities. You will learn how your body functions, how to maneuver in a gym, and how to work various types of exercise equipment. The program also includes nutrition and aerobic conditioning design.

$150.00/hour session or $75.00/30 minutes
Insurance reimbursement possible

Please call
(650) 737-8106
for details!