Diagnosis & Treatment

Accurate diagnosis combined with appropriate therapeutic intervention leads to rapid recovery and decrease in re-injury rates. I'm happy to say that my training, licensing, and experience have helped me provide patients with the highest level of diagnostic skill.

I provide a unique approach to musculoskeletal pain that includes the following:

  • Soft tissue techniques to decrease scar tissue and trigger points (myofascial release, cross friction, trigger point therapy)
  • Physiotherapeutic stretches to improve muscular suppleness, responsiveness, and to improve the balance of muscular forces (PNF, rhythmic stabilization, A-I stretching, etc.)
  • Joint manipulation or mobilization to improve joint function and muscle/joint relationships
  • Exercise therapy to improve movement patterns, muscular recruitment, postural strength, core stability, and ergonomics.

I teach exercise therapy in private and group settings, as well as workshops throughout the bay area. The classes offer general to sports/activity-specific training and have been taught to a wide range of participants from teens to seniors. Participants also learn injury management, injury prevention, and self-care techniques.

The goal of treatment is to work with patients to facilitate their transition from pain to improved participation in activities of daily living and better quality of life!