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What People Are Saying

Since I've been taking Lisa's class, I've had far fewer, if any, back injuries!
Kim Bliss
I'm so glad I was referred to you-the chiropractic work has really had a tremendously positive impact-physically & mentally! I've wanted to return to the east coast for 10 years, now I have the opportunity & I don't want to go because I found the best chiropractor.
Lynn Hyman
I had almost given up on my back feeling better...I have been to a few of Lisa's sessions & am happy to say that my back is so much improved!
Peggy Simkins
Thank you so much for all the help you have given me since my accident. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for you!
Kathy Schmidt
Following a moped accident in Mexico, my arm & leg were terribly injured. I went to 2 emergency rooms & a private Dr. They all told me I was ok; it would take time to heal. Months past, the pain was still intense to the point that I was not able to do daily activities without serious compensation. I entered Lisa's office holding my arm & explained that it felt like it was hanging by a thread. Lisa helped me regain full use of my arm & I no longer have that pain. I now see Lisa for care when I need a tune up or I re-injure myself. Thank you Lisa for the wonderful treatment!
Hedwig DeOCampo
Lisa has all of the attributes of an inspired healer-incomparable technical knowledge of the body & how it should move when well, & the way it looks & feels when injured; a concerned no-nonsense approach to a course of therapy, which she explains in an easily understandable way; a passion for her work & a commitment to making her patients better; and a commitment to herself to be healthy & strong, continually improving her own body & her knowledge about her work.
She has cared for me & about me & made it possible for me to continue living an active & happy life.
Kathleen Ursin
How do I spell relief-Lisa Allaire! Lisa has helped me through back & neck pain from falls, car accidents, & recovery from surgery. In one instance, I experienced intense pain in my back & down my leg. I could barely move, sleep, etc. I was prescribed pain medication to no avail. I suffered with this pain for 4-6 months. I sought treatment from Lisa & in 4-6 visits the pain was completely gone. I continue to see Lisa for exercise therapy & preventive care.
I have been treated by many chiropractors. I had suffered from persistent flare-ups for many years. Lisa's combination of exercise, soft tissue work, & joint work is hard to find & extremely effective.
B.J. King
Lisa has helped me learn so much about my body, especially how my neck issues are directly related to my jaw issues & right shoulder pain. Lisa also revamped my exercise routine & showed me how to correct some intrinsically weak patterns I had developed over the years. I have been working out for many years & have hired many trainers. Lisa's exercise design & training have created such a difference in my exercise results. It's amazing!
Amaya Elu
I've learned so much about my posture! I've created many healthful changes based on Lisa's ergonomics recommendations. It's made all the difference in my quality of life.
Dan Penster
I have been taking Lisa's exercise therapy class for over a year now. I have never had such consistent success with any other method before. I have long periods without back pain, and when I do have a flare up, it doesn't last nearly as long as before. I am stronger than ever now, move better, and have more flexablility. The major differences with Lisa's methods are her attention to datails and ability to fine tune exercises to my specific needs. I love her positive energy and genuine interest in helping me live a healthy, pain free life.
April Fender
My daily routine of Martial Arts practice takes its toll on my body and from time to time, injuries do happen. Since I started seeing Lisa, I've been able to maintain my rigorous training schedule and take care of my body at the same time. Unlike the common myths held by many about Chiropractic care, I do not need to see Lisa every week. The great thing about her approach is that she wants to get you feeling better and healthy as soon as possible. Under her expert and knowledgeable care and guidance, I've recovered from two injures, ironically not resulting from my Martial Arts study, very quickly and without resorting to medication, surgery, or long-term rehabilitation time. Lisa is a miracle worker and I've never hesitated to recommend her to friends and family who are needlessly suffering from various pains and aches. If you want to stop hurting and get on with your life, call her RIGHT NOW!
Tony Squier
I love my work!
Lisa Allaire, D.C.